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Areas of Training


Understand the core basics of Forex Trading including Forex brokers, regulation and trading platforms.

Technical Analysis

Gain fine skills in interpreting all chart analysis including price action, indicators and other technical tools.

Fundamental Analysis

Learn how to use key economic data and geopolitical situation for a country to make Forex trading decisions.

Qualitative Skills

In Forex Trading, knowing is not enough hence we equip our students with the required discipline to trade profitably.

Nairobi School of FOREX trading offers first-class and very comprehensive training programs to both retail and institutional clients in Forex Markets, Stock Indices, Commodities like Gold and Oil, from beginner level to advanced level; access to automated trading tools is part of the program.

The training program runs for 2 months, 3 days a week and 2 hours each session at  a cost of KES. 50,000 payable in 2 monthly installments.

Our trainers have a combined experience of over 25 years.

Gain access to unlimited refresher and mentor-ship classes until you become profitable.

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