Behind the Magic: Our All-Star Crew

Dive in and meet the trendsetters, innovators, and game-changers that fuel our creative engine. Together, we’re here to shake things up and redefine possibilities.

Silah Obegi Founder and CEO
William Murigi Head of Academics
Felix Gesaka Head of Finance and Operations
Martin Ndambuki Key Account Manager
Nic Ombaso Digital Marketing Lead
Esther Kimani Head of People Operations
Michelle Walgwe Creative Designer
Geoffrey Gichanga Trainer and Analyst
Paul Onyambu Digital Systems Manager

The Pillars of Our Ethos



In our business, integrity is non-negotiable. We promise transparency and uphold ethical standards, ensuring we deliver on our promise.



Boldness is not just a word to us, it’s our lifeblood. As our driving force, it inspires us to challenge the status quo, push beyond boundaries, and embrace risks.



Honesty is our cornerstone. We value open and sincere interactions, fostering an environment where truth is respected, heard, and encouraged.



Our business thrives on trust. We cultivate confidence in our clients by consistently delivering quality and being accountable for every action we take.



Fairness is our guiding principle. We uphold equality in all our dealings, ensuring that every voice, person, and idea is respected and given its due weight.



We stand firm on accountability. We own our actions, learn from our errors, celebrate our wins, and continually strive to exceed both our own and our clients’ expectations.

Inside our office

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