We fund our students with $500 for 30 days to ensure they are ready to start trading with real money

 There is only one way to determine the effectiveness of our Forex education. Firstly, That is by evaluating how well the students are able to put together a trading strategy and secondly use it to trade with real money. Therefore, we fund our students with $500 live accounts to evaluate their market readiness.

About The Funded Accounts

The $500 funded accounts provided by the school are used purely for learning purposes and ensure that the students are ready to start trading with real money. The live accounts are meant to fill the gap between demo trading and live environment which is the real experience of Forex trading.

The funded accounts ar available to all students who have successfully completed the eLearning course and also cleared the training fees.

The funded accounts will be provided upon successful completion of the course meaning, the student has passed all the knowledge check quizzes of the course and they are able to develop a strategy to trade with.

The funded accounts will be available for a period of 30 days after which the student will be required to transition to trading using their own funds.

To ensure that the students do not make expensive mistakes, they will be required to complete the course first and have a strategy to follow. Leverage will be restricted to mitigate the risk further. The funded accounts will be cancelled if the student does not follow his/her trading rules.

Certainly, the student will receive 50% of all the profits generated. During the 30 days of trading using the funded account 50% amount will also be retained by the school.


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