Automated Forex Trading Services

Automated Forex Trading is the use of computer programs to trade the Forex markets based on a trader’s trading approach in the market inline with a set trading criteria.

Types of Automated Trading:

  • Full Automation – This refers to hands free trading meaning all the trading criteria and logic is included in the computer program and once implemented it will handle all the trading for the trader.
  • Partial Automation – This refers to the trader performing some of the trading tasks and leaving some to the computer program.
  • Creating Indicators – This refers to creating graphical representations of the underlying currency prices to visually guide the trade where to take trades or important price levels.
  • Trading Scripts – These are computer programs that have to be triggered manually to execute a particular trading task and then go to resting mode until triggered again.
  • Notifications – We create Algos that send email and SMS notifications based specific market and trading activities.
  • Broker Monitoring – We create tools that can keep track of spreads and record charts for reference purposes.

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